Tiger Dad (Free Shipping to WM)

Tiger Dad (Free Shipping to WM)

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Send Love Home this Father’s Day with Edibee’s Gift Box specially curated for the well-respected Tiger Dads.

The star of this gift box is TIGROC, a unique blend of Tiger Milk Mushroom & Vitamin C known for strengthening respiratory functions and boosting immunity. Other benefits include improving sleep; relieving cough, fever and allergies. Your tiger dad deserves some TIGROC for sure!

Other items in this gift box are roasted cashews and a nut mix for some crunch; a healthy multigrain beverage; some Tongkat Ali tea as a palette refresher; and some ginseng candies and tangy preserved lime for some fun flavours.

  • TIGROC Tiger Milk Mushroom x 1 box (20 sachets)
  • Roasted Cashew Nuts x 100g
  • Glorious Nut Mix x 120g
  • Ginseng Candy x 140g
  • Lao Huang Ju x 1 box (200g)
  • Tongkat Ali Tea x 1 bag (10 sachets)
  • Medley Multigrain Chocolate Beverage x 1 box (10 sachets)