Man Of Steel (Free Shipping to WM)

Man Of Steel (Free Shipping to WM)

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Send Love Home this Father’s Day with Edibee’s Gift Box specially curated for all the strong dads out there.

This gift box features a premium bottle of Tongkat Ali Enzyme Vinegar so rich in vitamins that a few sips is all it takes for your dad to feel fresh and energised.

Other items include two healthy multigrain beverages, glorious nuts, ginseng candies and some tangy preserved lime for an overall balanced flavour.

  • Medley Multigrain Chocolate Beverage x 1 box (10 sachets)
  • Medley Multigrain Vanilla Beverage x 1 box (10 sachets)
  • Tongkat Ali Enzyme Vinegar x 1 bottle (375ml)
  • Roasted Cashew Nut x 100g
  • Glorious Nut Mix x 120g
  • Ginseng Candy x 140g
  • Lao Huang Ju x 1 box (200g)