Daddy Cool (Free Shipping to WM)

Daddy Cool (Free Shipping to WM)

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Send Love Home this Father’s Day with Edibee’s Gift Box specially curated for all the cool daddies.

Featuring our best selling Signature Sleeve Fish and the accompanying Sos Celup, this is the gift box to get for your cool daddy who loves some fun snack time!

Other goodies include roasted almond, cashews, and a nut mix for crunch; Tongkat Ali tea to refresh that palette of his; ginseng candies and tangy preserved lime to end things on a sweet, sweet note.

  • Signature Sleeve Fish x 100g
  • Sos Celup Istimewa x 1 bottle (230g)
  • Roasted Cashew Nut x 100g
  • Roasted Almonds Nut x 120g
  • Glorious Nut Mix x 120g
  • Ginseng Candy x 140g
  • Lao Huang Ju x 1 box (200g)
  • Tongkat Ali Tea x 1 bag (10 sachets)